How to Start Eating More Healthy Fruits & Veggies and Stop Fighting at the Dinner Table

There are two kinds of people: Those who KNOW they need to eat more fruits, vegetables, and berries – and those who do not. Plant-based nutrition is critical to your entire physiology, and fewer than 10% of us eat enough fresh, ripe plants daily.

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  • 80% of disease is preventable, and nutrition is the key
  • Fast food and environmental toxins are killing us
  • We should eat 9-13 servings of fresh fruits-n-veges daily
  • Most people don’t eat that many servings in a week

How will YOUR BODY get the whole-food nutrition it needs to repair itself, defend itself, renew itself, and thrive with strength and vitality? Watch the video, then click the white arrow to continue the story…

Think about it...

We are what we eat. So what are you feeding YOUR body? Day after day, week after week? Most people answer, “too much bad stuff, not enough good stuff.” And we know what the good stuff is: Fresh, ripe, non-GMO, organic fruits, vegetables, grains and berries. That’s what your body was built to thrive on, and we all need to eat more of them.

Big Problem: Eating enough good stuff
Easy Answer: Juice Plus+ every day!

100% Quality Assurance

From seed to shipping, Juice Plus+ has been perfecting the process of growing, harvesting, drying, blending and delivering premium dietary plant powders for over 20 years. The technical sophistication and end-to-end quality assurance of Juice Plus+ is unmatched in the food or supplement industry, as evidenced by the NSF certification on every bottle, which validates the quality, integrity and safety of Juice Plus+ for everyone – even Olympic athletes!

There is no nutritional support product in the world, produced at a higher quality level than Juice Plus+

Globally Researched

Within a year of initial introduction, testimonial evidence of dramatic health improvements began pouring in. Results were so impressive, the decision was made to seek empirical clinical research to determine the actual physiological results of the unique whole-food nutrient complex in Juice Plus+.

With 37 published clinical studies from around the globe spanning 23 years, Juice Plus+ IS the most thoroughly researched nutritional product in the world.

BOGO: Kids Eat Free!

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  • All children age 4 to 18 automatically qualify
  • Choose capsules or gummies for the child’s free order

Most children are woefully deficient in plant-based nutrition. Fast-food creates “picky eaters” – which creates a challenge for getting kids to eat the REAL food they need most.

Imagine getting 100% whole-food nutrition from plants into a child’s growing body every day – for FREE !

Affordable, Effective, and Proven

Compared to those morning lattes or commuter tolls, investing a few dollars a day into real daily nutrition may be the most affordable and effective way to transform your physical health and your family’s future wellness…and kids eat free!

If you know a Juice Plus+ representative, please give that person an opportunity to assist you. If you don’t know a representative, we’ll be happy to help you with Juice Plus+ information and ordering.  Kevin & Erinn Lynam

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Juice Plus+ Capsules

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JP+ Perform

15 Servings

Get FREE Juice Plus+ for Kids Age 4-18

Juice Plus+ is the simplest way to get 100% plant based, whole food nutrition in your body – every day.

For many who are looking to improve their health, getting the nutrient value of 30 fruits, vegetables, grains and berries every single day just makes sense. If that’s you, jump directly to secure online ordering using the image links above.

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